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The entire family of Sonic Air Blower Models can be supplied with our "one of a kind" patented Hot Air Blower technology . With individual blower modifications and components sized to fit each Sonic blower from 3 to 50 Hp (2.2 to 37.5kW), each Sonic Hot Air Blower is factory built and tested to produce discharge air temperatures of 125-275°F (50-135°C). Whether we provide a VT package (variable temperature) option for customers to dial the air temperature in for their exact needs or the FT package (fixed temperature) delivered from the Sonic factory with a pre-set air temperature, our exclusive, heater-less, regenerative hot air cycle can deliver air flows of 100 to 2,000 CFM (2.8 to 56.6 m3/minute)and air pressures of 1 to 4 psig (6.9 to 27.5 kpa). This Sonic Air 21st century technology is "intrinsically safe" compared to 1,200°F (649°C) electric heater elements or the open flame of gas fired heaters. The highest temperature of any component within any Sonic Hot Air Blower model is never more than a few degrees above the discharge air temperature that each Sonic blower is set to deliver to the point of use 125°F to 275°F (50°C to 135°C).

The benefits of Sonic (Heater Less) Hot Air Blowers are:

Patented technology available ONLY at Sonic Air
Total energy cut up to 50% when eliminating the parasitic energy losses of electric, gas and steam heaters
Fire and safety hazards greatly reduced without 400°F-1200°F (204-649°C) (heat elements or fuel sources)
Duct heaters eliminated which reduces size, cost and utilities
Radiant panel heaters eliminated when Sonic air knives deliver hot air to precise targets
Heater control panels eliminated
Installation costs greatly reduced without high kW electric supply, gas or steam lines
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Sonic Industrial Hot Air Blower

The Sonic Hot Air Blower Regenerative Heat Cycle

The most common applications (so far) for Sonic Hot Air Blowers include: Sonic DRY-IN-PLACEŽ Tank/Blender/Piping Drying Systems, Sonic Hot Air Knives for cold fill soft drink & wine bottles prior to labeling, Sonic Hot Air Knives to dry water based coatings, paints and inks on continuous conveyors and Sonic Hot Air Batch Drying of parts or bulk materials.

Although traditional duct heaters can produce much higher air temperatures than a Sonic Hot Air Blower, few Sonic hot air knife or other applications ever require the 300-600°F (149-315°C) air temperature ratings of duct heaters because Sonic will engineer each application so that our blower and hot air delivery system meets the drying or heating objective and not just blow a lot of hot air.





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