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Over the last few decades, as technology and manufacturing have grown ever more sophisticated and intricate, demand for conventional air blower, hot air blower, and industrial air blower technology has exploded. Sonic Air Systems is proud to be the global leader in meeting the demand for this technology with the most advanced and effective supply of industrial blower products on the market. We have supplied thousands of customers with tens of thousands of air blower products, gaining ourselves a reputation as the industry leader. This hard-earned reputation has been won through top-notch industrial blower engineering, high-quality customer service, and the best sales and support staff in the industry.

Many of our competitors manufacture standard product lines, essentially forcing their customers to meet the design and engineering specs of mass-produced industrial air blower products. However, even if they do offer custom manufactured products, it can take months to turn around an order. At Sonic Air Systems we do business differently, offering completely customized air blower systems, manufactured to customer provided specs. We turn this around in an incredible efficient manner, designing, manufacturing, and shipping customized air blower units in five days.

We are able to do this because of our unfailing commitment to customer service, for we know that our success it closely tied to yours, and the more efficiently we can bring you our top-of-the-line products, the more success we will both enjoy. Our team of customer service professionals works diligently to understand the needs of every one of our customers, taking a complete list of specs and performance criteria and turning them into fully developed build-plans.

However, things arenít always perfect in the world of customized engineering, and we have a complete team of sales and support staff in the field to help you solve any problem that might arise. These folks will do whatever it takes to make sure your investment yields returns, for they have the years of expertise and experience putting our industrial air blower products in place, and they take great pride in being able to deliver results to our customers.

Revolutionized Industrial Blower Technology
In the 15 years we have been is business the rise has been meteoric, for we came along just as humankind was experiencing the most technologically revolutionized decade in its history. This created an incredible demand for our products, and we have used attention to details and customer needs to ride all the way to the top. So, if you are in the market for a hot air blower, air knife, or air wipe, contact us today and we can immediately help you blow the competition away.

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