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Sonic XE Blower Powered Air Knives - 1" to 240" lengths
75% Energy Reduction Vs. Compressed Air Nozzles and Knives
Stock and Custom Made Air Knife Designs For Every Industry

Sonic Air Systems invented the XE "eXtra Efficiency" high velocity air knife in 1994 as the world's first single piece, teardrop shaped, extruded aluminum air knife with a 0.95 coefficient of discharge (i.e. 95% air efficiency) in order to produce a laminar air flow across any slot length. Since that time we have manufactured over 30 linear miles of Sonic XE air knives in aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel. The Sonic XE air knife product line has also grown to nearly 100 unique XE design variations to suit the unique air knife requirements of virtually every industry. With XE profiles from 2" to 10" (2" to 254mm) tall, lengths of 1" to 240" (50 to 5000mm) together with air slot widths from .010" to .250" (0.25mm to 6.0mm) and air nozzles from .375" to 4.0" (9 to 102mm) diameter, Sonic leads the industry in design and application experience.

The Sonic XE family of air knives and air nozzles are precision manufactured and designed to produce laminar air flow across the length of each slot at exit velocities of 100 MPH to 450 MPH (40,000 feet per minute/205 m/sec). Sonic XE air knives can be powered by blowers up to 5psi but Sonic's application engineers will pair the correct blower, from Sonic's complete family of centrifugal blowers, to match the exact size and quantity of Sonic XE knives for you. Most of Sonic's blower/air knife systems are designed with our written "performance guarantee" for each system.

Today the XE air knife product group is second to none in air knife design, installation options and the number of accessory items available to suit each industry's unique application needs. These product options include multiple air inlet positions, rotary air knife, high temperature air knives, cold temperature air knives, corrosion resistant air knives, Sonic Medusa (flex line) Air Nozzles, ionizing anti-static air knife, sanitary cleanable air knife, NPT connectors, cam-lock connectors, mounting brackets, butterfly valves, air knife velocity gage, air manifolds, piping, flex hose with clamps and more.

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Features & Benefits of Sonic XE Air Knife:

-The Sonic XE is the worldwide design standard (often imitated but never duplicated)

-Stock Air Knife profiles: 2" Inlet XE 3.5" tall from 1" to 60" slot lengths, 3" Inlet XE 5.5" tall from 1" to 240" slot lengths

-Precision Air Knife slot widths adjustable from .010" to .250" (.25mm to 6.4mm) produces laminar air flow across the entire air exit slot length

-Materials of construction: extruded aluminum with type III hard anodize, high temp Nylon inlets and end caps with Viton gaskets

-Air inlets from one to four in any position based on total air knife volume required Many common lengths of welded 300 series stainless steel air knives, with electropolished finish, in stock

-Medusa (flex line) Nozzles added to air knives for additional blind spot blow off

-Designed for Sonic blower pressures of 10" to 120" H20 (250-3048 mm) and 40,000 FPM velocities

-Intrinsically safe for personnel by avoiding the air embolism hazard associated with some compressed air blow off designs at 15 psig and above

-Sonic provides compressed air audits and return on investment analysis

-Greatly improve blower powered air impact force compared with homemade and other low efficiency air knife designs

Sonc XE Air Knife Sonc XE Air Knife Sonc XE Air Knife Sonc XE Air Knife

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