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Air Rinse and Air Wash System

Debris Blow Off and VacuumDebris Blow Off and Vacuum

Optimize Quality Control with Sonic Air Rinse and Air Wash Systems

Reliably eliminate foreign materials and ensure product integrity with Sonic air rinse and air wash systems.

Meet the evolving demands of the food and beverage industry with Sonic Air Systems. Sonic's blower-powered systems offer 75% less electricity than compressed air rinsing, an eco-friendly alternative to water and compressed air rinsing.

Sonic ION-AIR Rinsing systems options range from standalone blowers to turn-key systems, including Sonic Air blowers, HEPA filters, Sonic XE air knives with ionizing bars, SMART Air Knife Tunnels, blowers, HEPA filters, and exhaust blowers with bag filters.

In addition to internal air rinsing, Sonic's systems also support air washing, effectively blowing dust and powders from outside containers after filling and capping. These systems utilize Sonic SMART tunnels with exhaust ports and collection filters to contain and collect any airborne contaminants.

Water conservation is now a crucial consideration, and Sonic Air Systems helps educate buyers on the benefits and features of proper air rinse and air wash solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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