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Sanitary Air Knife and E-Z Clean

Sanitary Air KnifeSanitary Air Knife

Intuitive Sanitary Air Knife and E-Z Clean

Hygienic solutions for food safety compliance.

Easily meet food safety for FSMA compliance (Food Safety Modernization Act) standards with Sonic's Sanitary Air Knife and E-Z-Clean Air Knife. Crafted from fully welded 304L stainless steel, compliant with 3A and USDA regulations, these air knives achieve up to 95% efficiency to the highest hygienic standards. Dual-end 3" ferrule connectors enable thorough clean-in-place or clean-out-of-place sanitization.

Additionally, Sonic's E-Z-Clean Air Knives share many of the same features as Sonic's Sanitary Air Knives. While lacking full penetration welding and highly polished weld finishes, these air knives serve areas where direct contact with food or food preparation surfaces is not required, yet regular cleaning according to company standards is necessary.

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