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Industrial Hot Air Blower (Patented)

Hot Air BlowerHot Air Blower

Energy-Efficient, Heater-less Industrial Hot Air Blower

Deliver heated air without the use of flame or heated coils.

Patented technology by Sonic Air Systems to produce air at 125°F to 275°F (51°C to 135°C) without the need for an external heating source with Sonic FT/VT (Heater Less) Hot Air Blowers. Reduce energy costs by up to 75% by eliminating the need for an external heat source, with six models available from  7.5 to 50 HP (7.5 to 37 kW) to accommodate your needs.

While traditional duct heaters can achieve higher air temperatures, Sonic recognizes that few applications require the 300-600°F (149-315°C) ratings of duct heaters. Sonic engineers each application to meet specific drying or heating objectives, ensuring optimal performance rather than simply blowing hot air. Our exclusive heater-less design of Sonic's Hot Air Blower ensures safety and efficiency, delivering air flows of 100 to 2,000 CFM (2.8 to 56.6 m³/minute) and air pressures of 1 to 4 PSIG (6.9 to 27.5 kPa). This 21st-century technology is "intrinsically safe" compared to electric heater elements or gas-fired heaters reaching 1,200°F (649°C). And any component's temperature within Sonic Hot Air Blower models remains just a few degrees above the discharge air temperature.

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Key Applications:
  • DRY-IN-PLACE® Tank/Blender/Piping Drying Systems
  • Web coating dryer with Sonic XE Air Knives or Nozzles
  • Hot air tunnel dryer for coating drying on various product sizes, shapes, and conveyor speeds
  • Hot air knives for drying cold filled bottles prior to labeling
  • Hot air knives for drying water-based coatings, paints, and inks on continuous conveyor lines
  • Hot air batch drying with forced convection for parts and bulk materials
Benefits of Sonic FT/VT Hot Air Blowers:
  • Patented technology exclusive to Sonic Air Systems
  • Six blower models, from 7.5 to 50 HP (7.5 to 37 kW), for maximum efficiency
  • Up to 75% energy reduction by eliminating electric, gas, and steam heaters
  • Increased safety by avoiding heater elements or fuels
  • Precise high-velocity air delivery with Sonic Hot Air XE Air Knives
  • Elimination of high kW 3-phase heater control panels
  • Customized engineering for each application
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