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Infrastructure & Civil Engineering

Sustainable Infrastructure Development with Sonic Air’s Air Knife Systems for Civil Engineering

Leading the way in the civil engineering industry from environmental protection to efficient construction.

Focusing on building transportation infrastructure, environmental protection, and land reclamation. Sonic Air Systems plays a pivotal role in advancing civil engineering practices such as shipboard air inflation for rapid deployment of oil spill containment booms to safeguard marine life, gas extraction for landfills, and the remediation of contaminated sites from leaking underground storage tanks.

Brownfield Air Barrier
Hydraulic Driven Blower
Roadway Surface Grinder Vacuum
Soil Vapor Extraction Blower
Sonic’s Air Knife solutions in infrastructure provide blower solutions for:
  • Landfill gas
  • Soilvapor extraction
  • Concrete grinding vacuum
  • Oil spill containment
  • Municipal incinerators
  • Co-generation system
  • Vacuum excavation
  • Water pipe coating curing
  • Mine duty