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Textile & Web Processes

Effective Air Knife Solutions for Any Continuous Web Product

Sonic Hot or Cold Air Knives address handling challenges of natural and man-made web & woven materials.

Sonic Air Systems' patented air blower and air knife technologies provide a wide range of manufacturing solutions to efficiently remove liquids used for cooling, deliver high velocity cold air for cooling, and blow off all loose particles and debris with static neutralizing ionizing bars. It provides laminar air knife flow for precision non-contact coating control and delivers coating drying with air knives discharging up to 275°F (135°C). Sonic Air Systems has developed many first of their kind applications for various types of web substrate and for any web width at virtually any line sped. Sonic vacuum blowers serve vital hold down functions in aiding the die cutting and laser-pattern process. Sonic Air Systems consistently provides blower and air knife solutions with exceptional performance across multiple textile-related manufacturing processes.

Coating Dryer
Multi Color Ink Dryer
Texturing Drum Debris Blow Off
Wire Mesh Hot Air Dryer
Sonic provides blower and air knife solutions for:
  • Continuous web
  • Multi-strand drying
  • Non-contact coating thickness control
  • Coating drying
  • Web cooling
  • Dust blow-off
  • Static control
  • Garment vacuum
  • Silkscreen products