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Company Overview

Sonic Air Systems is a renowned leader in drying and blow-off systems that caters to a diverse range of industries and companies worldwide. With four decades of experience, we engineer custom solutions and manufacture high-speed, industrial-strength centrifugal blowers and air knife systems to resolve air-moving challenges. We work closely with our customers to deliver effective, energy-efficient solutions and return on investment in the shortest time. Benefit from our extensive product selection of innovative and patented designs. We offer short lead times, industry compliance, and 24/7 customer service across the U.S. and 40 countries. With our money-back guarantee, we ensure your satisfaction.

What Sets Us Apart

Now in our 4th decade of product engineering and manufacturing, Sonic Air Systems serves the needs of a wider range of industries and companies in more countries than any other blower/air knife provider. This was achieved by building a loyal customer base with an emphasis on:

Product innovation
24/7 Support
Decades of experience
Friendly and professional staff
Guaranteed results on almost any system quoted by Sonic
Shortest fulfillment time in the industry

Performance Guaranteed

It’s that simple – We make your Sonic system work, or we take it back.

We work closely with our customers to determine the exact requirements via thorough application review.  Based on our air engineering expertise, patented solutions, and extensive proven track record of > 80,000 systems designed and sold, we’re confident to offer a Performance Guarantee on the systems Sonic design and sell.  We perform customer sample testing in our laboratory or can provide customer with a rental unit to test on-site at their plant.  With our money-back guarantee, we ensure your satisfaction.

Our Services

Sonic Air Systems, headquartered in Southern California, USA, is committed to providing exceptional service and technical support to our extensive customer base. With our extensive international sales and support network, we ensure prompt assistance to customers worldwide. Our infrastructure is built to cater to our customers and their customers, including original equipment manufacturers. When integrating Sonic Centrifugal blowers into their systems, OEMs can rely on our network of distributors worldwide to offer service and technical assistance in their local language. Our dedicated team goes beyond equipment provision, providing expertise in process improvements, new applications, and tackling challenges.