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High-Performance Air Knife Drying System for the Beverage Industry

Engineered solutions for moisture-free packaging

With a wide range of applications, from bottle drying for labeling to moisture elimination from ink-coded cans, Sonic's solutions cater to line speeds ranging from 100 to 2,000 CPM. Our air knife systems for the beverage industry address challenges such as sleeve labeling, paper or APL roll-fed labeling, crown drying, safety sealing, stress corrosion, hygiene, ink jet coding, shrink wrapping, or cardboard packing.

Can Line Dryer
Adjustable Air Knife Dryer
Cold Filled Bottle Dryer
High Speed Can Dryer
Gallon Bottle Dryer
Tetra Pak Drying
Wine Grape Drying
Wine Bottle Drying
Provides air knife drying systems for:
  • Carbonated beverage cans 
  • Crates and pallets 
  • PET bottles 
  • Boxed drinks 
  • Glass bottles 
  • Jars