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Air Manifolds, Fittings, Connectors & Flex Hoses with Clamps

Blower Manifolds, Connectors and HosesBlower Manifolds, Connectors and Hoses

Versatile and Durable Manifolds, Fittings, and Hoses

Achieve seamless integration and precise air distribution with our high-flow and low-pressure drops through our manifolds, fittings, and hoses specifically designed for use with blowers and air knives.


Available from 3 outlet ports up to 8 outlet ports. Our manifolds are constructed from ABS, aluminum, or stainless steel and allow easy installation without compromising air pressure and flow.


Sonic's line of fittings ranges from EPDM rubber to high-temperature silicon paired with load-tested stainless steel clamps. Sonic fittings are available in 2" to 6" (51 to 152 mm) diameters and provide a semi-permanent connection for plumbing and piped systems.


Built with smoother internal walls, flexible hoses have available diameters ranging from 2" to 6" (51 to 152 mm). Our hoses are designed to meet the demands of any manufacturing environment and are offered in various configurations to suit your specific needs.

Specification Sheets
Sleeve and Clamp
3-4 Port Manifold with 4" Inlet
3-4 Port Manifold with 6" Inlet
5-6 Port Manifold with 4 " Inlet
8-7-6-5 Port Manifold with 6 " Inlet
All Specification Sheets
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