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Plastic, Rubber, Film, and Foil

Plastic, Rubber, Film, and Foil

Reliable Drying and Cooling Solutions for Plastic, Rubber, Film, and Foil Manufacturing

Providing Air Knife Systems in Plastic Manufacturing for drying and cooling for molding, bonding, and steel cord processes.

Sonic Air Systems understands the critical role of water removal in tire and rubber manufacturing processes. With our Engineered Air Knife Systems in plastic manufacturing, Sonic ensures guaranteed drying throughout the molding and bonding stages, preventing water from compromising the product quality. Additionally, Sonic's air knife systems offer efficient drying for steel cords and other rubber products, contributing to improved manufacturing outcomes and maintaining high standards in the industry.

Operating at 75% less horsepower than traditional compressed air systems and delivering up to 10 times the air volume, Sonic's "COOL-AIR™" System ensures efficient cooling and drying, making it an excellent alternative to water cooling methods.

Precoating Parts Dryer
Rubber Strip Dryer
Plastic Panel Dryer
Plastic Strip Debris Blow Off
Coating Drying
Sonic provides air knife drying and cooling systems for plastic, rubber, film, and foil manufacturing, including:
  • Extruded slabs
  • Extruded profiles
  • Cast treads
  • Side walls
  • Re-treading
  • Steel cords
  • Plastic sheets
  • Recycled plastic
  • Rubber
  • Membranes