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Alternative Energy in Production & Manufacturing

Optimizing Efficiency and Environmental Impact for Alternative Energy Manufacturing

Prolong equipment longevity and optimal production performance with Sonic's Blowers and Air Knife Solutions for Alternative Energy Manufacturing

With a solid commitment to sustainability and innovation, Sonic Air Systems is the trusted partner for Alternative Energy in the manufacturing industry. Playing a crucial role in alternative energy manufacturing processes, Sonic's advanced air knife systems effectively remove moisture, debris, and contaminants from components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Whether it's drying solar panels or cooling surfaces during production, our air knife systems provide unmatched precision and reliability. 

With a wealth of experience and expertise in providing customized solutions, we understand that alternative energy projects often require specialized equipment and processes. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop custom blower and air knife systems that address specific needs, ensuring efficient and sustainable manufacturing operations.

Combustion Air Blower
Vacuum Furnace Cooling Blower
Applications of Air Knife systems for Alternative Energy in Manufacturing include:
  • Drying and Blow-off in P.V. Panels etching and cleaning
  • Air Cooling Blowers in high speed generators
  • Combustion air in I.C. generators
  • Forced inert gas cooling in P.V. cell furnaces
  • LFG gas delivery to generators
  • Customized Solutions