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Rotary Air Knife and Air Nozzle (Patented)

Die Cast Parts DryerDie Cast Parts Dryer

Powerful and Cost Effective Rotary Knife and Air Nozzle

Precision drying and debris removal for complex surfaces.

Sonic's PATENTED Rotary Air Knife and Rotary Air Nozzle significantly reduce power consumption compared to traditional stationary air knives and nozzles by up to 80%. The Rotary Air Knife is ideal for surface mount circuit boards, medical devices, and industrial products as it outperforms multiple stationary air knives at 1-30 FPM (0.3-9 m/min). The Rotary Air Knife excels at drying and debris removal from complex shapes up to 12" away (305mm). At the same time, the Rotary Air Nozzle is perfect for long-distance blowing and drying applications. 

Sonic's Rotary Air Knives and Nozzles can also cool or heat parts. Sonic blowers can reach temperatures up to 275°F (135°C) without a separate heat source for heating. This heater-less technology enables effective drying and heating of stationary or indexed parts. Accelerate cooling from 100 to 1,000°F (38 to 537°C), surpassing liquid spray, refrigeration, CO₂, or chilled roller cooling. The COOL-AIR™ water-to-air aftercooler achieves air knife temperatures as low as 40°F (4.5°C).

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