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Hot Air Knife Systems (Patented)

Hot Air Knife SystemHot Air Knife System

High-Temperature Air Knife Solutions

Patented hot air blower technology compatible with all Sonic Blowers.

Sonic Air Systems understands that every industry and application has unique needs. That's why our hot air blowers are engineered to meet each customer's specific objectives. Designed to deliver precise heated (variable temperature/fixed temperature) technology. Eco-friendly and energy-efficient Sonic air flow ranging from 125°F to 275°F (50°C to 135°C) with our innovative VT (variable temperature's) heater-less hot air blowers eliminate the need for any inline heaters.

  • Patented technology available ONLY at Sonic Air Systems
  • Environmentally responsible design eliminates the burning of carbon fuel sources
  • Six Sonic FT/VT blower models from 7.5 to 50 HP (5.5 to 37 kW) sized for maximum efficiency
  • Reduce energy by up to 75% by eliminating the inefficiencies and parasitic energy losses of electric, gas and steam heaters
  • Fire and safety hazard prevention, as a Sonic VT/FT does not require a heater element or fuel
  • Eliminates duct heaters which reduces size, cost, and utilities
  • Replaces infrared heated dryers with Sonic Hot Air XE Air Knives delivering precise high velocity air
  • Avoids the cost, size, and energy usage of high kW 3-phase heater control panels
  • Engineered by Sonic for each customer's application
  • Sonic DRY-IN-PLACE™ Tank/Blender/Piping Drying Systems
  • Web coating dryer with high velocity Sonic XE Air Knives or Nozzles
  • Hot air tunnel dryer for coating drying on a wide range of product sizes, shapes, and conveyor speeds
  • Sonic Hot Air Knives dry water based coatings, paints, and inks on continuous conveyor lines
  • Sonic Hot Air Batch Drying with forced convection for parts and bulk materials
  • Sonic Hot Air Knives for cold-filled bottles prior to labeling
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