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Coating Control Air Knife

Coating Control Air KnifeCoating Control Air Knife

Compact and Reliable Coating Control Knife

Low-maintenance solution for improved coating quality and faster drying.

Sonic's Coating Control Air Knife Systems offers a reliable, low-maintenance solution for continuous coating control. Achieve optimum coating thickness at higher speeds for conveyor widths of 1" to 192" (2.5 to 487 cm) without compromising liquid viscosity. Sonic's adjustable and non-contact air knife systems eliminate the need for squeegee rolls and scraper blades, reducing maintenance costs and delivering clean, dry, and oil/dirt-free air for improved coating quality and faster drying. A Sonic 10 HP (7.5 kW) blower can replace up to 40 HP (30 kW) of compressed air for a typical 48" (122 cm) wide with efficient designs for coating thickness and continuous coating drying. Sonic can also incorporate heated air knife air into the system, utilizing natural heat rise through air compression or pulling heat from ovens. Customizable options are available to meet specific requirements. Sonic provides tailored solutions to various industries, optimizing energy consumption and reducing the size and complexity of traditional methods.

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