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Cool Air Knife System

Parts CoolingParts Cooling

Rapid and Energy Efficient Air Cooling Solutions

Reliable cooling applications to meet your product cooling requirements.

Sonic Standard Blower Air Knife Parts Cooling

Efficient Cooling Solutions for Rapid Surface Cooling. Designed to rapidly cool parts surfaces after high-temperature processes such as welding, heat treating, or thermoforming. Sonic Air Systems air-cooled Sonic blowers and high-velocity air knives effectively reduce the surface temperature in 50-75% less time than radiant cooling methods.

Sonic COOL-AIR™ Blower & Cool Air Knife Systems

Achieve precise product cooling with Sonic's COOL-AIR™ systems. Sonic's in-line water or water/glycol air heat exchangers, combined with Sonic blowers, produce outlet air temperatures at below ambient air temperatures. Each part's cooling system is engineered to meet specific objectives and boasts 75% less total energy than compressed air systems.

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