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Industrial Air Knife Systems

Plating Rack DryerPlating Rack Dryer

Highly Rated Industrial Air Knife Systems

Comprehensive range of Air Knives and accessories designed for various industrial applications.

Light duty 

Applications provide a wide range of tasks, such as parts drying, debris removal, coating control, moisture removal before painting, air rinsing, conveyor blow-off, and more. Our standard air knives provide consistent laminar flow up to 144" (3,657 mm) in length. For more targeted areas, our optimal nozzles are available. Upgrade options include stainless steel air knives, high-capacity filtration, complete motor starters, and stainless steel blower enclosures.

Heavy duty

Industrial air knife systems are specifically designed for robust applications in severe environments. These include steel mills, aluminum foundries, highway construction, concrete production, mining, and military use. Our air knives are constructed from 11-gauge carbon steel or 300-series stainless steel to withstand the demanding nature of these environments. With temperature ratings exceeding 1,000°F (538°C), Sonic industrial air knives are renowned for their durability and extended hours of operation.

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