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Food, Nutra, and Pharma

Food, Nutra, and Pharma

Revolutionized Air Knife Systems for Food, Nutra, and Pharma Industries

Blower and Air Knife Solutions for faster, cleaner, and more efficient production lines. 

Sonic's Engineered Blower and Air Knife Solutions revolutionize the food, nutra, and pharma industries, meeting the demands of faster, cleaner, and more efficient production lines. Our guaranteed performance systems excel at moisture removal, coating thickness control, debris displacement, and static elimination of products. We surpass the most stringent requirements with sanitary air knives and HEPA filters. In the pharmaceutical sector, Sonic’s air knife solutions for the food industry is vital in drying containers, air-conveying packaging waste, and expediting mixing tank drying. Our in-line air filtration systems ensure critical environments are protected.

Produce Dryer
Pouch Drying
Institutional Can Drying
IV Bag Dryer
Heat Shrink Wrapping
Glass Jar Dryer
Fruit Washing
Fruit Drying
Food Debris Blow Off
Sonic Air provides air knife systems for:
  • 3 piece cans
  • Food molds
  • Trays, totes, and crates
  • Confectionary leveling
  • Meat, fish, and poultry
  • Dairy products
  • Pouches
  • Shrink wrapped products
  • Cheese loaves
  • CIP for belts
  • Jars
  • Product cooling
  • Dust blow-off
  • Tray and pallet drying
  • De-ionizing
  • Product conveying
  • Mix tank drying
  • Vacuum hold down