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Inline HEPA Filter

HEPA Inline FiltersHEPA Inline Filters

The Purity of Air Delivery is a Sonic Standard

Proven Inline HEPA Filter Supplier to the Medical Devices and High Tech Industries

The Sonic HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) was designed to provide our customers with a “True HEPA filtration” plumbing circuit. “True HEPA filtration” refers to a plumbing circuit which features the standard blower inlet filter with the addition of an in-line HEPA filter. By integrating the HEPA in-line after the blower's discharge, it guarantees that the air feeding the air knives or nozzles is filtered to 0.3 micron.

Sonic has supplied in-line HEPA filter assemblies to many of our customers worldwide.  Our HEPA filters are designed to suit any critical cleanliness application where air is blowing directly onto food products, food contact surfaces, medical devices and any other product where 99.997% sanitary air is required.

HEPA Filter

  • Filtration to 0.3 micron / MERV 17
  • Hose barb with optional ferrule connectors
  • Differential filter pressure drop analog gauge
  • Available in Hard Anodize or Nickel Plated Aluminum
  • Mounting base in powder coated steel or 300 series SS
  • Max 1000 cfm (28 CMM) @ 2 psi
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