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Air Wipe and Wire Dryer

Mutli Size Cable Air WipeMutli Size Cable Air Wipe

Simplify the Drying Process with Sonic's Air Wipe & Wire Dryer Solutions

Effortless drying solution for various product diameters or shapes

Keep it simple with Sonic Air Systems' Air Wipe & Wire Dryer. With four models available, these versatile devices effortlessly handle various product diameters or shapes, delivering dry products without the hassle of changing inserts or making other adjustments.

The R.O.I. for Sonic Air Wipe and Wire Dryer (6 months for most installations) is among the shortest periods of any equipment purchases in a wire and cable facility by replacing compressed air wipes.

The Sonic Standard Air Wipe Dryer
0.25" to 4" (6.35 mm to 101.6 mm) Dia - 200 to 1,000 FPM (61 to 300 m/min)

Sonic offers several variations of this rigid extrusion or jacketed cable dryer for 0.25" to 4" (6 to 101 mm) diameters at 200 to 1,000 FPM (61 to 300 m/min). These air wipe modules come in 12" (304.8 mm) long increments with polymer enclosures to capture blown off moisture and reduce sound. The easy access clam-shell enclosure, with manual latching, eliminates close clearance line threading, and the auto-pneumatic option opens the cover to allow knots to pass without binding or jamming. The internal wire clearance ranges from 2 to 8 times the extrusion diameter. Sonic blower models range from 3 to 20 HP (2.2 to 15 kW). The complete dryer module is all prepackaged with the blower connections and adjustable height mounting stand ready to assemble in minutes.

The Sonic High Speed Wire Dryer
40 to 00 AWG Wire - 1,000 to 10,000 FPM (300 to 3,000 m/min)

Replace compressed air wipes for fiber optic and metallic cable from 40 AWG through 00 AWG(average wire gouge) with extruder speeds of 1,000 to 10,000 linear feet per minute (300 to 3,000 m/min). The dryer module is enclosed in a 42" (1,067mm) long polypropylene moisture and sound reduction enclosure (as low as 80 dbA available) with either manual or pneumatically operated clam-shell split housing design for unobstructed access. Several split ceramic eye guides are located along the wire travel center line for easy threading. Sonic blower model and motor power for this application range from 15 to 25 HP (11 to 18.5kW). The complete dryer module is all prepackaged with the blower connections and adjustable height mounting stand ready to assemble in minutes.

The Sonic Extruded Shape Air Wipe
0.25" to 2" (6.35 to 50.8 mm) Dia - 10 to 200 FPM (3 to 60 m/min)

This "air ring" design is for any continuously water-cooled non-wire core products which are unsupported, have low tension, and are without internal stiffening components within the extrusion. This air wipe provides a 2.75" (69.85 mm) ID adjustable 360° air slot to deliver lower velocity air, at more uniform flow, to dry while preventing turbulence to soft extruded shapes. Sonic blowers for this application range from 3 to 15 HP (2.2 to 11 kW).

The Sonic Tube and Pipe Drying Air Octagon
6" to 48" (152.4 mm to 1,219.20 mm) Dia - 10 to 100 FPM (3 to 30 m/min)

This "air ring" design is for any large diameter continuous plastic, metal tube, or pipe manufacturing processes. The custom Sonic Air Octagon for large diameters are generally used after cooling, washing, or hydrostatic pressure testing. Sonic developed these air rings to deliver 360° air wiping action. The Air Octagon is powered by a high speed Sonic blower which deliver high impact air velocities prior to welding, ink coding, coating, or painting. Sonic blowers for the Air Octagon range from 15 to 50 HP (11 to 37.5 kW).

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