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Precision-Engineered Solutions for Petrochemical industry

Versatile and customizable Air Knife solutions for the Petrochecmical industry's unique air and gas challenges.

Sonic Air Systems engineers solutions to address the unique challenges faced in the petrochemical industry. Each application is meticulously analyzed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the plant’s conditions and variables, allowing for the seamless integration of blowers into the plant environment. Boasting a wide range of blower options, Sonic can handle various gas compositions at temperatures up to 400°F.

Containment Boom Inflation
Hydrocarbon Vapor Recovery Blower
Scanner Air Injection
Sonic Air Systems provides blower solutions for:
  • Hydrocarbon vapors
  • Corrosive gas
  • Scanner air
  • Digester gas
  • Hazardous gas
  • Oil spill containment
  • Filter belts
  • Combustion air