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Energy-Efficient Air Knife Systems for Automotive Manufacturing Processes

Cutting-edge blower and air knife solutions that cater to various stages of automotive manufacturing.

High-efficiency systems to address the industry's growing demands for enhanced quality, accelerated production speed, automation, and environmental sustainability. Sonic's blower and air knife solutions remove water-based liquids used in machining, cleaning, cooling, plating, and painting. Additionally, they provide high-velocity air for static control, pressurized air cooling, vacuum for exhaust emissions sampling systems, and high-volume flow bench testing of engine components.

Sonic provides air knife drying systems for:

  • Engine blocks
  • Transmission housing
  • Engine components
  • Clutch plates
  • Engine assemblies
  • Wheels
  • Painted components
  • Car bodies
  • Batteries
  • Chassis items
  • Headlamps