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Portable Air Blower Systems

Handheld Blower NozzleHandheld Blower Nozzle

Plug and Play Portable Air Blower System

Available With Electric, Hydraulic, Engine and PTO Shaft Drives for Any Industry

Beginning with a fleet of hydraulic motor driven Sonic blowers custom built for shipboard oil boom inflation systems in 1990, Sonic evolved and is now the premier supplier of hydraulic powered vacuum blowers for the concrete grinding and grooving industry. Our compact and robust hydraulic and engine driven blower systems are ideally suited to mount on vehicles, ships and farm equipment for specialized high velocity air delivery requirements.

Sonic’s electric motor powered portable air blower system provides hand held air nozzle blow off for multiple industries. The compact blower and cart package are replacing hand held compressed air blow off. This improves operator comfort and safety, a much shorter blow off labor hours per part while reducing total electric power demand by >75%.

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