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Sonic’s expertise in engineering blowers and exhausters to your application is one of the keys to our success. As the world becomes more specialized, Sonic is expanding our array of blower designs, optional features and our custom engineering capabilities. Although standard Sonic Centrifugal Blowers are used in a number of conventional blower applications, the need to put compact Sonic blowers into pressure or vacuum applications formerly reserved for bigger and bulkier blowers is creating more demandingapplications for Sonic. When you request a Sonic solution, we’ll ask more about your application than most others because we want to understand your needs to the fullest and offer a complete solution, not just a piece of it.

For delivering air under pressure, Sonic has some of the most versatile blower performances available. Combustion air systems utilizing Sonic blowers, like the 10:1 turn down ratios, the gradual sloping flow vs. pressure curve, the very small footprint and the low noise level. The tank/pond aeration applications and the small parts conveying “eductor” systems benefit from the low temperature rise, the steady (no pressure pulsing) air delivery and the low noise level.

When vacuum is what you need, the Sonic performance range again has lots of ideally suited uses. The most demanding of our vacuum applications is for picking up water and concrete slurry during the grinding phase for highway construction and maintenance. Sonic has designed an assortment of custom built hydraulic motor/blower units coupled to truck mounted vacuum systems for highway maintenance companies around the United States.

Many gas handling applications incorporate Sonic to pull and/or propel gases from landfills, contaminated soil remediation sites, tanker terminal hydrocarbon vapor control systems and other such hostile operating environments. Sonic’s optional welded 150# flange design results in a blower housing with a hydrostatic burst pressure of nearly 150 PSIG. Standard double lip PTFE shaft seals are rated to 10 PSI with high ratings available. Electroplated or coated aluminum blower components are popular options and other blower materials can be offered. Other features include water jacketing the bearing housing for up to 400F (204C) inlet gas temperatures, bearing mounted thermocouple for blower monitoring, chemical duty painting for protection from the environment and we can provide any motor a customer may need.

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