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A Sonic air knife system can accelerate radiant parts cooling (air quench) in situations where a liquid quench in not acceptable and low velocity fans are not meeting the need. As high temperature products exit ovens or other processes where heat is introduced, rapid air cooling of the parts can help stabilize the structure, reduce conveyor lengths and facilitate operator handling or other subsequent processing of such products.

Compressed air cooling systems are highly inefficient as compared to a Sonic blower/air knife system. A Sonic 10 hp(7.5kW) blower system will generally do the work of 40+ hp (30kW) of compressed air in the same application.

Low velocity fans are not powerful enough to break the boundary layer of surface heat and, in many cases, must be supplemented with refrigeration to make up for the lack of air impingement velocity. Sonic utilizes ambient blower air for most applications and if in-line air chillers are required, the net result is that Sonic is most often a far more efficient air quench.

Sonic tailors our air knife systems to your specific cooling objectives. Parts cooling and air quenching are sometimes as much an art as a science, so let Sonic give you a new perspective with a high velocity blower/air knife solution.

Please complete an online application guide so we can evaluate your cooling requirements or contact us so our engineers can discuss your requirements.



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