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Sonic Air Systems designs and manufactures air knife drying systems for all sectors of manufacturing worldwide. We also manufacture an entire line of Sonic industrial blowers and system components utilized in Air Knife drying systems. Sonic Air is your engineering resource and one-stop-shop for all of your drying solutions.
We engineer each air knife drying system to your specific requirements. You can complete an online application evaluation guide or contact us to discuss your requirements. Our vast application engineering knowledge base enables us to achieve the most energy efficient drying systems possible - often where nothing has been successful before. Sonic Air also provides a performance guarantee with any system it quotes.

1. Huge energy savings over compressed air blow-off methods
Although ideally suited for many factory uses, the most inefficient process for which compressed air can be applied is blow-off nozzles and air knives. A 100+ psi compressor delivers air to the typical blow-off nozzle/knife with 50-90 psi of pressure loss through the ½” to 1” lines. Since virtually no surface liquid blow-off application has ever required nozzle pressure greater than 5 psi, regardless of whether compressed air or blower/air knife, using energy to generate 100+ psi only to bleed it back down to 5 psi is obviously not the most efficient method. In fact, a typical high volume production line using 40 hp worth of compressed air for water blow-off can be replaced by a 10 hp Sonic Air Blower/Air Knife System and have better drying as well. This 30 hp of energy/cost savings does not include the cost to run the refrigerated air dryers, oil separators and maintenance of the entire compressed air system.
2. No air pressure fluctuations
3. Natural heat of compression assists in the drying process
4. Sonic Patented HOT AIR VT variable temperature heater less technology
5. Optional HEPA filter integration
6. Accommodates a wide variety of applications and production rates
7. Easily integrated with existing conveyor lines
8. Multiple material options
9. Compact design and footprint
10. Adaptable for re-circulated air for enhanced drying capacity



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