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Air Control and Diverter Valves

Energy Efficient Air Control and Diverter Valves

Alternative options to VFD motor controls to optimize operating costs.

Sonic butterfly valves can be used in conjunction with a VFD for blower speed control, but our valves can be the only air flow device as they are a low cost alternative to a VFD. The butterfly valves will allow air knife velocity adjustments set to an optimum level during the initial Sonic system installation. The butterfly valve enables the operator to manually adjust the air flow to the desired amount without the expense of a VFD to accomplish the same level of air knife control.

The Sonic Y-Verter is an alternative to VFD motor controls commonly used in blower/air knife systems. Variable Frequency Drive motor controllers are mandatory for some blower manufacturers whose motors run up to 20,000 RPM, with a 330 Hz output frequency from the VFD. Even standard 3,600 RPM, 60 Hz motors that are slowed to certain conditions when paired with a VFD, also have to consider whether a Y-Verter™ would be a better choice for air knife control.

Butterfly and Air Diverter Valves
Air Gate Valve
Air Check Valve
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Features & Benefits of Sonic Butterfly Control Valves

  • Sonic butterfly valves provide full range flow and pressure control without a VFD
  • 3”OD & 4”OD models in stock and 2”OD are made to order
  • Lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum bodies and wafers
  • SS shafts with low resistance adjustments
  • Control handles with E-Z locking thumb screw

Advantages of the Sonic Y-Verter™

  • Save about 50% versus the cost of most VFDs
  • No electrical harmonics problems or line conditioners
  • No special tools, training, or programming
  • No excess heat to motor windings
  • Blower air response times to solenoid signals in less than 250 milliseconds
  • Y-Verter™ pneumatic actuator is rated for 1 million cycles (open/close)
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