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Driving Solar Progress with Sonic Air Systems’ Blower and Air Knife Innovation

Driving Solar Progress with Sonic Air Systems’ Blower and Air Knife InnovationDriving Solar Progress with Sonic Air Systems’ Blower and Air Knife Innovation

Sonic Breathes Life in Solar Power - Photovoltaic Manufacturing Requires Blowers

Solar power is now a large sustainable, alternative energy for many parts of the world. However, it has taken a wide range of industrial equipment help make the power of the sun an integral energy source for so many. Companies making solar industry components and systems need innovative, high quality equipment to keep up with increasing global demand for photovoltaic cells and solar panels.

Vacuum Furnace Cooling

Sonic's compact Centrifugal Blowers are the power behind the rapid cool down cycles in high temperature vacuum furnaces used in photovoltaic cell formation. To achieve the highest P.V. cell batch production rates, many vacuum furnace manufacturers have incorporated a high efficiency cooling jacket around the external walls of their furnaces. The furnace wall cooling rate can be carefully regulated to ensure the integrity of the furnace along with each P.V. batch being processed. The cooling media is usually inert gas, starting at 400°F (200°C) with incrementally reduced gas temperatures during cool down, that is pumped through the closed loop cooling system with adjustable gas velocities using a Sonic high temperature sealed gas blower.

Etching, Cleaning, and Drying

The etching of photovoltaic cells is a vital part of maximizing efficiency and power output of each completed solar panel. Whether by a mechanical or chemical process, all etched surfaces must then be cleaned and dried prior to placing the P.V. cell array into final panel assembly. Sonic blowers power high velocity air knives at several stages through the individual cell and solar panel production lines. Clean, dry, and oil free air from Sonic Air Compact Blowers delivers laminar flow from high velocity air knives to help ensure that solar panel manufacturers deliver the maximum electricity generation possible.