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Ultimate Solution for Efficient Air Distribution

Ultimate Solution for Efficient Air DistributionUltimate Solution for Efficient Air Distribution

Since 1995, Sonic Air Systems has revolutionized the air knife industry with its groundbreaking Sonic XE Air Knives. 

Sonic’s design criteria is based on providing a highly concentrated air stream to impact the product surface.  Exit velocities ranging from 20,000 ft/min (3,096 m/min) to 38,000 ft/min (11,582.4 m/min) are utilized to provide the energy at the point of contact to remove solids or liquids from the target area at the highest air knife efficiency.

These extruded air knives feature a teardrop-shaped plenum design that ensures laminar airflow and high impact velocity for optimal air delivery. Sonic's patented Rotary Air Knife and Rotary Air Nozzle products offer even greater efficiency, cutting down blower power by 50%. With an impressive air efficiency of 95% (0.95 coefficient of discharge), Sonic XE Air Knives reduce total blower power consumption, resulting in substantial energy savings for companies. Prior to the introduction of the Sonic XE Air Knives, Round and Square Tubular Air Knives were the industry standard.

Air exits the XE Air Knives in a laminar uninterrupted continuous curtain.  This stability guarantees minimal surrounding air excitation on the downstream leg and a narrow pattern on the upstream end. By implementing Sonic Air Systems' cutting-edge solutions, manufacturers have achieved energy use reductions of up to 75% by eliminating compressed air usage, enhancing their sustainability efforts, and generating a higher return on investment. 

With over 100 design variations and materials, Sonic XE Air Knives cater to the diverse needs of manufacturing sectors, empowering companies to improve their processes, products, and environmental footprint.