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Sonic provides efficient air knife designs to dry or assist heater tunnels in the drying of continuous coated product while reducing cost, complexity and size of traditional methods. No matter what the product size, speed and coating materials, Sonic designs solutions for a wide cross section of industries. Whether aqueous or solvent based coatings, there is a Sonic solution for you.

Reduce the size, energy consumption and dwell time of heater tunnels that in many cases will trap the moisture within the coating as a "skin" forms on the coating surface. The result of trying to dry a coating from the outside in is that the drying zone must be increased in length or time to evaporate the remaining trapped moisture. Running higher tunnel heater temperatures is not usually the best option. Aside from the tremendous increase in operating costs, the coating, a heat sensitive substrate or the mass of a large part simply may not permit or benefit from more heat. A Sonic air knife accelerates the natural evaporative process by removing moisture from coating before the surface pores of the coating are dried. This reduces the drying time and allows the heater system, if required to complete the drying or curing process, to operate much more efficiently (lower total kW and BTU) and/or with less product to heater dwell time.

Heated air knife air is yet another feature that can be incorporated into your system. Sonic blowers always produce a natural heat of compression and may not require any supplemental heating. Alternatively, we can pull heat from your oven and through the blower to the air knife as well as numerous other options.

No disturbance of the coating finish is achieved by balancing flow, pressure and heat, and with multiple adjustment of the installed Sonic design, you can compensate for a wide range of process variables. Whether it is changes in coating viscosities, lines speeds or product surface contours, a Sonic system can adapt to your needs.

Please complete an online application guide so we can evaluate your coating drying requirements or contact us so our engineers can discuss your requirements.



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