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High-Performance Solutions for the World's Leading Golf Equipment Manufacturer

High-Performance Solutions for the World's Leading Golf Equipment ManufacturerHigh-Performance Solutions for the World's Leading Golf Equipment Manufacturer


Titleist, a renowned golf equipment and golf ball producer under the ownership of Acushnet Company has been utilizing Sonic Air Systems' Ball Dryers and Pneumatic Conveyor Systems since 1997. With over 850 million golf balls manufactured and shipped annually, Titleist requires reliable and efficient drying solutions for their production lines worldwide. Sonic's innovative systems have become integral to Titleist's golf ball manufacturing process.


Sonic Air Systems designed the Sonic High-Velocity Ball Dryer & Pneumatic Conveyor System specifically to accommodate the drying needs of spherical objects, including golf balls, on a continuous throughput basis. The system features a ball drying cabinet that ensures a continuous flow of single-file balls, with a throughput rate of 100-200 balls per minute. Sonic's high air velocity and blower heat, reaching temperatures up to 80°F (27°C), effectively dry the inner cores and jacketed balls. The system operates with a sound level of less than 80dbA, ensuring a comfortable and quiet working environment. Additionally, Sonic integrated an integral pneumatic conveying feature within the dryer cabinet, powered by the same Sonic blower. This pneumatic conveying system replaces traditional material handling methods, such as belt conveyors and manual bulk product transfer, allowing for seamless movement of the balls through 2" piping to a delivery point up to 100 feet away.


Implementing Sonic's High-Velocity Ball Dryer & Pneumatic Conveyor System has yielded significant benefits for Titleist's golf ball production process. The efficient drying capabilities and continuous throughput of the system have contributed to increased productivity and reduced downtime. By replacing conventional material handling methods, Sonic's pneumatic conveying system has streamlined manufacturing, enhancing efficiency and minimizing manual labor. The Sonic blower's reliable performance and low maintenance requirements have further optimized Titleist's production lines, improving overall productivity.