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Optimal Dryness and Quality for Tuna Cans Worldwide


Since the relocation of StarKist's tuna cannery to Pago Pago in American Samoa in 1999, Sonic Air Systems has been the trusted partner for engineering and installing Air Knife Can Drying Systems for their entire operations. Over the years, Sonic's Air Knife Systems have been successfully implemented in tuna processing facilities across the globe, including the recent installation in Mauritius. With the need to ensure dryness on the top, bottom, and sides of tuna cans, Sonic's Blower-powered Air Knife Can Drying System delivers exceptional performance, even in highly humid environments.


Sonic Air Systems designed the Air Knife Can Drying System to address tuna processors' specific challenges. The system delivers high-velocity air knife velocities of 30,020 ft/min (9,150 m/min) to effectively dry the cans at a production speed of approximately 8,000 per hour. Constructed with corrosion-resistant materials and weather/wash down-proof features, Sonic's Air Knife Systems are built to operate in wet conditions and withstand the demanding nature of tuna processing environments. Thoroughly drying cans before labeling and packaging is crucial to prevent stress corrosion, rust, and compromised product quality.


Tuna canneries worldwide have expressed high satisfaction with the performance and reliability of Sonic Air Knife Can Drying Systems. These systems play a vital role in maintaining the dryness and quality of tuna cans, especially for facilities located on remote island nations where equipment suppliers may be far away. By implementing Sonic's solutions, customers experience improved product quality, reduced rust, and stress corrosion instances, and enhanced packaging integrity. The canneries can confidently store canned tunas for seasonal distribution, knowing that Sonic Air Systems' solutions deliver 100% dryness.