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Sonic Air Knife Systems Ensure Optimal Dryness for Pharmaceutical Ampules


A global pharmaceutical company's division specializing in injectable drugs and infusion technologies faced the challenge of achieving post-filling dryness for their single-dose ampules before labeling and final quality control (QC) inspection. With an increasing production capacity, they needed a reliable and efficient drying solution to ensure the dryness of the ampules in a high-volume production environment.


The customer installed a new production line with an inspection line running parallel to the existing lines. The process involved placing 600 ampules in a tray, with the trays moving on a conveyor at 10 trays per minute. Sonic Air Systems designed a solution using two top-down air knives, which delivered nearly 100% dryness by blowing air and moisture down and out through the perforated stainless steel trays. The design of the customer's trays, combined with the slight looseness of the ampules within the trays, allowing for effective drying of the sides of the ampules before they were unloaded for labeling.


Sonic's Blower-powered Sanitary Air Knife System successfully achieved the required dryness of the ampules, enabling a production rate of 10,000 bottles per minute. This outcome aligned with the customer's goal of increasing the production rate by 66.67% across all production and inspection lines. By implementing Sonic Air Knife Systems, the pharmaceutical company ensured optimal dryness for their ampules, facilitating smooth labeling and efficient QC inspection processes.